How To Write a killer, engaging Hook.



7 effective copywriting tips for writing hook and grabbing attention.

Do you know what is the most important part of copywriting?whether you are writing a landing page, a sales page, emails or ads if you master it your copy practically writes itself.

Any guesses? read on….

Today we are talking about  one of the most importnat part of copywriting.

The art of writing a perfect hook.

Yes, we are going to learn about this crazy little thing called-  hook.

No, wait… it’s not that hard. It is simple as every other part of copywriting.

Of course, I will my dear reader.

By the end of this article, you will learn how to write a perfect hook with examples and exercise. are you ready? 

Let’s dive into this ocean of copywriting and explore the beautiful pearl called a hook. It was a jest.

anyways let’s begin…

Before everything else let’s first understand what this word Hook actually mean in copywriting.

What is a hook in copywriting?

A hook is what is exactly sounds like – a concept or idea that get people interested in what you have to say and what you have to offer. 

In simple it’s a juicy piece of copy that communicates your big idea or offer in a way that it hooks people’s attention and make them hungry for more.

So hook’s work is to – grab the attention of the reader and make him read more.

But why a hook?” Can’t we write a copy without a hook”?

You can but listen even if you wrote the best engaging masterpiece copy but it does not grab the attention of customer. what’s the point in writing whole copy because the reader isn’t going to read anymore.

We are in Attention and Retention business and getting prospect’s attention is critical.

Therefore hook will help you to get the prospect’s attention and make them stay on your page for a longer time.

Where this hook is used?

It is used in writing sales pages, landing pages, emails, ads, blogs and a lot more.

But where can we see this hook written mostly?

It is written in the very first words of your copy like headlines, ledes, subject lines etc.,

those first words need to wake people up and get them to think “oh, I want to hear more. I’m interested in this. This is just what I have been thinking”.

So now you know what exactly a hook is and it’s purpose in copywriting.

Now the important question comes 

How to write a perfect hook?

Today I’m sharing with you 7 tips to write a killer engaging hook

so let’s start with number one…

1.Warning Pain and Threat.

now try to answer this -If people were given a chance to – avoid pain or gain pleasure. What do you think people will choose?

A survey conducted explains that people do a lot more to escape from pain than to gain pleasure.

yes, people prioritise to escape from pain and then think about pleasure.

The point here is you are likely to decide and act faster if you were about to attack by a bear(pain) than someone offered you a suitcase full of cash (pleasure).

here is a simple example.

image explaning how to write a killer hook

or how about this example-

Always remember, do not unnecessarily create fear or use clickbait. Make sure that it is relevant to your products and help your prospect.

most importantly your copy should always lead to value and empathy.

Clickbaity headlines can bring you more clicks however will ruin your relationship with your customer in the long run. thus always be fair and strive to provide to your prospect.

this brings me to my second point.

2.Stats and Education As a hook.

One way to hook attention is to provide useful and relevant information that opens a loop to your prospects wanting for more.

People love to get new information as a result using such statistics and data sources will attract the customer to read more.


copywriting example of statistics and education hook

3.Address Their believes.

People always hear to those who address and confirm their beliefs. so Write things people think to be true and justify them this will invoke a feeling like – I knew it or “omg..same.”

Then insert the new information that you want to tell which is not known by the reader. This will create a feeling like “mmmm…I should read on…”

Here is a great example.

hook-example of addres theor belisf hook.

4. FOMO as hook

Fear of missing out.

In marketing, FOMO is really an opportunity to merge is anxiety included feeling of missing out something.

we know that people always want to be up to date and follow the trend.

It’s like “everyone is doing it. Why aren’t you”?

You can use this to make them feel like they are missing out and they have to act fast.

A very good example is

image of FOMO hook

Just see how this company HEINZ is creating a FOMO by adding “limited edition” in their headline. isn’t that a wonderful idea to sell a product to the customer?

NowThose HEINZ aficionados can’t stop themselves from buying it because of FOMO. I loved this hook. what do you think?

now let’s move to the next tip.

5.Possing A Question 

This is one of the famous and simple hook that will instantly grab the attention of your desires prospect and make him to read more. But why?

Simple! Firstly, A question hooks directly point the problem of the reader without any fluff. secondly, it works best for problem aware audience. Thus they immediately cleck your headline or ad to know the answer to their problem.

Simple example is

image of question hook

I was hunting for a question hook example and I found this interesting ad. see how simple yet effective that headline is?

they could have written a simple headline like “pros and cons of using only social media ads” but when the reader comes across the ad he would think “oh, come on everything has cons not to worry just leave it”

But by reading the original headline, the readers will think”oh, I thought I can rely on social media ads alone. but that’s not true. mmm.. I am missing out something? I should read this.”

see hook a good hook can make the reader stay on your page and read your copy. that’s the power of the hook. am I wrong?

I also brought another example.

question hook example in copywriting.

Ramit Sethi ads a simple question as a headline on his landing page. simple yet effective hook.

So, guys, we completed 5 tips to write an attention-grabbing hook. we only have two more so let’s unlock them.

Here comes the sixth one.

6.make the reader laugh.

funny headlines can also capture attention. people love fun, honour because they nowadays have a stressful life. so there is no wrong in adding humour as a hook in your headline.

Those words were catchy still to the point without any fluff. it’s nice right. are you gonna write something like this? of course you will because its fun. they are just my thoughts though 😉

7.Adding A Story.

From ages, stories have been part and parcel in humans journey. Thus it has the power to effectively communicate with your reader and make them want more.

Whether its a 75+ old senior citizen or 5-year old cute baby story can connect with everyone and make them to want for more.

above all it creates a slight tension in people like “what’s gonna happen next” this will help them to stay longer on your copy

Story is simply an amazing way to express you idea to your customer thus helping your reader to know more about your product.

Lets know it with a simple example.

story hook example

this ad is a good example where the story is used to stop the reader and make him think of what is going to happen next.

Here you have it my friend -7 most effective hooks that you can use to hook your customer and make him want more.

i hope this article was helpful.

i have done my work explaining the best hook to use to get the attention of your lovely customers. now it’s your turn.

write your own hooks using these examples.

but why?

because I don’t want you to repeat the same mistake I have done while learning copy -just consume content and go away and forgot about it.

I want you to start implementing ASAP. that’s when you can master copywriting and.

and you know what these simple writing you write daily can turn down into samples which will help you get a copywriting job. what can be better than that?

do you agree with me?

if yes, then grab a pen and a paper and write your own hooks for your product. no product then write for an imaginary product. you can do anything in your mind.

so jump into it and do it.

No implementation.No success.

i wish this would be my reader’s reaction.

any doubts let chat in the comment section.

in the next article, I will be sharing on how to write a perfect pitch in your copy so that you can pitch your products crazily.

so keep your eyes glued for my content its gonna be fun.

until then BYE…

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